“We make it look easy” by The Magnettes

From Sweden comes the uber-talented indie pop band The Magnettes with the electrifying and inspiring sonic gem that is “We make it look easy”. This exquisitely crafted passionate showcase of feelings and emotions embraces the reality of the before and after a game, a show, a contest, a major event for which you have been preparing yourself for so long in a way that instantly connects with the listener. Personally speaking the track spoke to me and reminded of the thrill and excitement before a match that I simply knew we needed to win to continue moving forward in order to continue the adventure that was a cup (Former youth/amateur soccer player here). The melodies and lyrics instantly become one caressing our senses and feeding us with an enticing and vivid tale bound to trigger our memories and imagination. There’s something about this song that just hits all the right note and makes us feel at home within the magic of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

”We wanted to write a song about the suspense you feel waiting in the dressing room right before the event, whether it’s a show, a game, or anything major. The anticipation, the adrenaline, the build-up before the lights come on, the crowd erupts, time speeds back up and the world explodes in bright colors. That’s the common ground, that’s how we relate to the team. Facing any challenges head-on, finding strength – even love – in each other and living for the thrill of it. The sweat, the noise, the sore muscles afterward. It’s universal and addictive.”

The Magnettes

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