“22s” by KOKO ft. Nina Chuba and Dillistone 

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UK based indie pop band KOKO joins forces with Nina Chuba and Dillistone to deliver the intoxicating sonic gem that is “22s”. With this mesmerizing and uniquely inviting blend of melodies and lyrics they unite their talents to give life to a tale bound to connect with the listeners instantly. There’s no denying that this soundscape offers everything to offer your senses and imagination a much needed escape from reality into a world that strangely will feel so ours a much as it is theirs. You can’t escape the sweet dose of musical ambrosia found within this must listen and honestly why would you, the track is absolutely amazing.

We instantly clicked and built the story of the song about a failed relationship. We felt we’d all been in the same situation where everything we did seemed to be wrong. When you constantly find yourself in these scenarios, it’s that feeling of ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’, a catch-22.”


They have crafted a special and hypnotizing sonic escapade that caresses the borders of fantasy and humanity in such a manner that you can’t help but crave more and more of it. So listen carefully and just dive with open arms into this realm that they have created with such passion and such care. Enjoy!

“22s is a track about being a walking disaster you just can’t leave alone. Your flaws are perfect in all their messed up glory and if that makes you a living catch-22, then find someone who doesn’t mind playing with fire.”

Nina Chuba & Dillistone

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