“Talk” by Billy Lockett x Violet Skies

Uber talented indie artists Billy Lockett and Violet Skies join forces and deliver a beautiful and heartfelt sonic gem in “Talk”. With a simple yet direct title, they say so much while not giving away the entirety of the feelings that make a home out of this amazing track. The track is vivid, real and so human that you can’t help but feel invested in the story that takes shape and form within this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics. The track is a must for any music lover and the way the voices just flow with each other makes an instant fan favorite. There’s something about this song that just hits you so deep and makes you feel it all as it caresses your heart and your soul while saying enough. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet touch offered by this must-listen / must-see gem. Enjoy!

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“Maybe a lot of the songs are to do with myself, and I’m projecting troubles onto relationships. In that sense, this song is almost the opposite of another song on the EP called ‘Silence’. It’s a desperate plea, saying “please can we talk about this, and try to fix it?”.

Billy Lockett

“We didn’t even know this would be a duet when we started writing so it’s perfect that it’s turned out this way. Being produced by Andrea Rocha, who’s Billy’s cellist and a close friend of mine, makes it even more special.” 

Violet Skies

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