“Searching for you” by Paola House

Up and coming indie pop/rock singer/Songwriter Adam Townsend AKA Paola House comes to us with his latest single, “Searching for you”. With this inspiring and mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a sonic realm bound to connect with the listeners instantly. The track explores the harsh reality of wanting and craving something that you no you can’t have for it does not bring good but the bliss found in your memories of it makes it so damn appealing. The track was inspired by Adam’s own struggles and in it, he opens up his heart and soul to serve our senses with something honest and raw. This approach makes the song so instantly inviting and easy to connect with for he does not sugarcoat the constant struggle and instead embraces the ugly truth, there’s no escaping from it, but accepting that you will fight it every day. So listen carefully and let this marvelous soundscape grab a hold of you and serve the most amazing musical ambrosia you’ll find this day. Enjoy!

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