“Jessica” by Maja Kristina

Uber-talented Swedish indie singer/songwriter Maja Kristina comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet yet honest track that is “Jessica”. With this refreshing exploration of relationships and heartbreak she talks to her ex in a way that really embraces what she feels deep inside. She emphasizes on the lie but also on the fact that she is not angry at who she was lied with but at the liar. The melodies and lyrics combine quite perfectly serving our senses with a vivid and raw recollection of what happens when the heart breaks to a point that it can’t take enough and simply needs to move on to be happy. The mesmerizing and down to earth approach felt within the soundscape makes it an instant must listen gem that is sure to become a fan favorite. Enjoy!

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I hope she figures out you’re just a traitor, cuz she seems really nice, and I think in the end, me and Jessica could be friends…”

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