“Take me to the moon” by Kadebostany ft. Valeria Stoica

Uber-talented Swiss DJ/producer Guillaume de Kadebostany AKA Kadebostany partners up with Valeria Stoica and together give life to the sonic gem that is “Take me to the moon”. With this enticing and surreal blend of melodies and lyrics they craft something bound to pull you instantly as it feeds your senses a welcomed dose of escapism. This collaboration is truly one made in musical heaven for it has it all to be a must listen/ must see adventure that will give your imagination a mesmerizing and out of this world dose of musical ambrosia. Her voice guides us through the reality crafted by him and makes sure that we are instantly hypnotized and in awe of the surreal yet down to earth magic that makes up this fantastic soundscape. So listen, see and dive into the unknown that awaits you within this amazing music video. Enjoy!

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