“Coins for Charon” by Chloe Rodgers

UK based indie singer/songwriter Chloe Rodgers comes to us and gives life to the sonic escapade that is “Coins for Charon”. With a refreshing and utterly mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics she serves us with a most exquisite and inviting plate of must listen magic. The track caresses the borders of the surreal and what’s palpable in a way that is quite unique and intoxicating from the very starting giving us a chance to be free and let our imagination unfold. Her voice serves as the perfect guide through an unknown realm that will end up feeling like home once the end is reached and your hand approaches the play button and automatically press play again for one round (or even two) is not enough. So listen carefully and let yourself connect the dots as your senses become one with what lies within this amazing track. Enjoy!

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“Coins for Charon was written by Anders Källmark and Nick van Hofwegan, AKA Young & Sick.. It’s about losing someone you love. I do like the track. The dynamic change and percussion in the chorus was a good call, and the drummer (Giovanni Velez), is a genius.”

Chloe Rodgers

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