“Can of Worms” by Kai Undrell

Young up and coming UK based indie singer/songwriter Kai Undrell comes to Wolf in a Suit with the refreshing sonic gem that is “Can of Worms”. With this playfully catchy and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics he gives life to a vivid tale that is so human and so raw but so intoxicating and hypnotizing making sure you don’t look away. The soundscape simply flows and starts painting a picture that is sure to hit in one way or another as it explores the human experience from a personal and unique standpoint. There’s something about this song that gives the verses the chance to perfectly come one after the other pulling you deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole. So listen carefully and let go of all you know for a bit as it track feeds your senses and touches your imagination with a welcomed dose of must listen magic. Enjoy!

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