“Call Me” by Lina and the Lions

UK based up and coming indie pop band Lina and the Lions comes to us with the 80’s infused sonic gem that is “Call Me”. With this playfully seductive and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics they tell a story about longing for something, for someone, for a moment that feels unlike anything else that will make our hearts beat a little faster. The track embraces the current reality of our world and finds inspiration in it to paint a picture that is both relatable and mesmerizing. Our senses are pulled into a vivid realm that holds them tight and feeds them with the most amazing must listen magic that dances between the contemporary scene and the 80’s making for an experience that can be both shared or enjoyed alone. So listen carefully and dive into the world that dwells within this amazing track and let go of all you know and escape into this place that is sure to feel like home. Enjoy!

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“”Call Me” is a song that leaves you dreaming of a better time when we could be in proximity of one another and experience sensuality together. It’s a desperate song about longing for love, closeness and warmth. We wear our influences on our sleeve, a synth-pop record drawing from our heroes; Kate Bush, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to create a distinctly modern take on the classic 80s sound.”

Lina and the Lions

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