“Happy for you” by Lily Williams

UK based indie singer/songwriter Lily Williams opens up her heart and soul and delivers an honest and introspective sonic gem in “Happy for you”. With this down to earth and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics she paints a picture that is so human and so raw making it easy to connect and feel so personal. The track explores the harsh truth behind breakups and does not try to claim to be good but instead understands that we all find it hard to be happy for someone when we see them doing better than they did with us. We have all gone through the experience in which someone we were with suddenly matured into a better version of themselves than the one you met and this makes it hard to smile at him/her. She does not try to be good but instead she does her best to be true to her own fragile human heart (and so should we) making the track so beautifully poetic and relatable. So listen and dive into the realm hidden within this must listen gem for it is sure to hit a few spots that will feel like home. Enjoy!

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“The whole concept of this song came from the first line ‘I heard you met a nice girl on the internet, and you stopped smoking cigarettes.’ The ‘nice girl’ refers to your ex moving on with someone new and ‘quitting cigarettes’ is a metaphor for breaking bad habits. We wrote this song about the selfish feeling of trying and failing to be happy for someone that is better off without you. Even if you know the best thing is for the relationship to end, it still hurts to see someone you loved doing great with a whole new person and a whole new life that doesn’t include you in it.”

Lily Williams

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