“Too much like love” by Mila Nile

Uber-talented Swedish indie-pop singer/songwriter Mila Nile comes to us with the honest and captivating sonic gem that is “Too much like love”. The track flows with ease and really intertwines verse after verse making sure the dots connect and the listener feels a vivid and honest connection with the story that is about to come alive. Not only that, but the melodies and lyrics become one and our senses are fed with the necessary dose of down-to-earth magic and a showcase of human feelings and emotions to crave more and more of this fantastic track. So be informed that you are sure to feel the pull as the soundscape comes together and plays with your imagination given you a chance to make the tale being told as much yours as it is hers. So listen carefully and dive into the realm of this amazing must listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

This live version of the track was filmed by Mila Nile from her homebase in Australia for Indie Valley

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“It’s a shimmery bop that ought to soundtrack a cute montage from a 500-Days-Of-Summer-esque romcom, inspired by my relationship with my songwriting partner. We met at a time when we were both determined to stay single and independent, yet try as we might couldn’t help falling for each other. Oops.”

Mila Nile

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