“The Name” by Kate Grahn

Uber-talented indie pop-rock singer/songwriter/musical goddess Kate Grahn comes to us with a powerful and honest sonic gem with “The Name”. With this in your face and raw showcase of feelings and emotions, she delivers a track that goes beyond what we are used to and offers a mesmerizing and rebellious anthem for the modern woman. The track explores the sad reality that a lot (if not all) of women have to go through even though they have worked so hard for all they have accomplished. She guides the verses in a way that will surely speak true to most women and serve as a lesson for most (if not all) men for it reminds us all how little to no consequence actions against them have accomplished. The soundscape dares all of us to tell her (and all women) another name while making sure we understand how dehumanizing and disgusting this would be. So listen carefully and pay attention because the world is changing and it’s way past time that understands that we are all in this together and that we are all valuable to whatever the future holds. Enjoy!

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“I wrote this song because I’m tired of how society has normalized the regular dehumanization of women. To imply that a woman with a PhD need not call herself doctor—to refer to a presidential candidate as “nasty”—to call a sitting congresswoman a “f**king bitch”—this kind of behavior rarely holds consequences, to say nothing of the millions of women without prestige and power who are degraded and condescended to on a daily basis. This song is rant, this song is an anthem, this song is me daring you to call us another name.”

Kate Grahn

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