“Endlessly” by Mel Blue

From Australia comes the dance-pop sound that your body and senses have been craving since forever courtesy of Mel Blue and their latest single, “Endlessly”. With this exquisite and playful blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys give life to a sonic realm that offers the listeners the perfect escape from the current state of our reality. The track flows with ease and lands perfectly taking over our senses and feeding our imagination with a vivid and hypnotizing dose of musical ambrosia that feels like exactly what we needed to feel free and connected to something. Not only that, but there’s something about the experience that is exciting and fun and makes sure you sing along and dance to its rhythm making everything feel so magical. Enjoy!

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“…a love anthem dedicated to the people closest to us. We wanted to recreate that feeling of partying with your crew and feeling this eternal love for everyone around you. A moment of bliss! When writing the song, I (Oscar) was drawing from an experience with my brother and our close friends. We all arrived at a warehouse party, crouched under a garage roller door, and walked into this dark, smokey, laser lite room. I remember looking at our group and feeling an overwhelming rush of euphoria and love for everybody. Kinda feels like all the stars align

Oscar Sharah and Luke Gerber of Mel Blue

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