“Don’t Matter” by Dry Clean Only

Up-and-coming indie pop/rock band Dry Clean Only come to Wolf in a Suit with a fun and inviting blend of visuals and sounds in the music video for “Don’t Matter”. With this refreshingly charming and hypnotizing soundscape, the guys explore the various stages of love and how we all want someone to give us a reason to wake up our butterflies and let them fly around once more as they make our stomach and our hearts a little warmer than usual. The melodies and lyrics blend perfectly together making sure we are pulled into this realm allowing our senses to give our imagination the right shock to connect the dots and fall prey to the sweet escape offered within this song. The track flows with ease and keeps you hooked and the visuals manage to not only enhance the experience but make it complete allowing us to realize how amazing this track truly is. So listen carefully, smile, and dive into the unknown magic of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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