“Alkaline” by Rivals

It’s an honor for this humble Wolf in a Suit to premiere the latest amazing must listen creation by Rivals, say hello to “Alkaline”. With this exquisite and rebellious blend of melodies and lyrics, the band gives life to a tale that is so personal yet manages to find the perfect formula to be universal and relatable. The soundscape simply flows through the airwaves and grabs you out of nowhere making sure you feel the passion and the fire that resides within it. There’s no denying that this song is sonic perfection and delivers on all that you need to label this a must for any music lover. So dive into the unknown with open arms and know that this realm is bound to catch you. Let the verses come one after the other as they pack a punch that is impossible to evade as the song electrifies and hypnotizes you. Enjoy!

“‘Alkaline’ is a reference to the PH balance of water, and the hope of trying to find that sense of perfect balance between your personal lows and your highs. I also got to finally explain a moment of intense vertigo I have had in real life so that was also a fun one!”

Kalie Wolfe of Rivals

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