“Co-op” by Bess Atwell

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Bess Atwell opens up her heart and soul and pulls us into the realm of her latest single, “Co-op”. With this refreshingly soothing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives our senses a much welcomed vivid showcase of feelings and emotions that are sure to find a way to connect with the listeners. The track flows with ease in a way that caresses our very existence and invites us to let go of all we know and simply let our senses become one with the story she is telling us. There’s something about the soundscape that comes alive in a way that feels both classic and modern enhancing that magical feeling that comes to us once we press play and the track takes over the airwaves that surround us. So listen, feel and fall for the sweet touch of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“It’s an illustration of mine and my partner’s life together. The relationship seemed to provide me with some sort of permission to recuperate from family trauma, as if realising for the first time that there was a life outside of that chaos lulled me into an emotional slumber. Through the song I grapple with the desire for, and fear of, comfort. I used references to Virginia Woolf’s ‘Mrs Dalloway’ to depict a vivid nostalgia and an affinity for trivialities that serve to calm when darker thoughts set it.”

Bess Atwell

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