“Loving Someone” by Aaron Taos

One of the most amazing and talented indie singers/songwriters in the world wrote a beautiful and bittersweet sonic gem, say hello to Aaron Taos and “Loving Someone”. This track comes from a special project he did for his late father for whom we wrote all the tracks to showcase all the feelings and emotions that lived within him on those last days. The track hits home to me and delivers another magical showcase of humanity and honesty that is on-brand with what Aaron always delivers in his music. The soundscape explores love in a way that is more down-to-earth and less fantasy-like for it came from something real and so raw. These factors make the track instantly relatable and refreshing for it walks away from the glitz and the glamour to serve us with a must-listen story that is sure to hit home for many listeners. So let yourself fall prey to this amazing must listen gem. Enjoy!

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