“Why You Left” by Love Level

Australian indie-pop band Love Level comes to us with the honest and bittersweet sonic gem that is “Why you left”. With this exquisite and refreshing approach to storytelling, they give us a tale about loss, understanding, and finding the strength to move on. The track understands that throughout our lives not everyone that was a friend at one point will remain like that forever, sometimes we grow apart from those we care about, and as we drift further and further we reminisce of all that once was. The track is poetic and nostalgic as it gives life to a story that is raw and human and explores how relationships evolve either to bring people together or set them apart towards different paths. So listen, smile and find closure within this wonderful must listen gem. Enjoy!

“Writing ‘Why You Left’ was a super personal experience for us. There were so many emotions and feelings we both had, and both wanted to express that when we came together to write, the song just fell into place so fast. We brought the song to our producer, Callum MacDonald of daste, and practically finished it in one session.

For us this song is about dealing with the sudden loss of a friendship and not fully understanding where things went wrong, or why you lost them. It’s about accepting that they’re happy without you but also the bittersweet feeling that comes with holding onto the good memories you had with them

We’d like to think this song is the closure we never got.”

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