“About Time” by Zac Pajak

UK based indie pop singer/songwriter Zac Pajak comes to Wolf in a Suit with the most endearing and charming sonic gem in “About time“. With this exquisite and vivid blend of melodies and lyrics he tells a story of love, romance and visualizing a future with someone so clearly and so real that you can actually feel it and touch it. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves caressing our senses and giving our hearts a reason to beat a little faster as it embraces you and makes you feel at home. There’s something about this amazing track that makes for the perfect track to reflect on and realize how personally this was how it felt when I just knew I had found my missing piece. Thank you Zac for such an endearing and mesmerizing must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“It’s about that moment you can see your whole future with someone in high definition and it becomes totally clear that it’s meant to be. Over the last 12 months especially, we’ve all had to keep looking forward and remind ourselves that there are brighter days ahead.”

Zac Pajak

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