“Golden Hour” by Runya

Australia-based indie singer/songwriter Runya comes to us to provide us with a sweet dose of magic and positive vibes with “Golden Hour”. With this soothing and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics he paints a picture that is filled with hope and warmth feeling so inviting and so refreshing. The soundscape unfolds beautifully into the airwaves and speaks to our hearts and souls reminding us that life has so much to offer, but sometimes we just forget to open our eyes and see all the sweet magic that surrounds us. There’s something about this track that just makes me smile every time I give myself a chance to hear it and I hope you feel the same for it truly is a captivating and soothing must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“…Though the sun runs off in the night gone too soon out of sight

And the cold cold winds come through breaking down what’s left of you

There’s a miracle that we call love

No thing could erase it no effort could claim it

I swear by me I love you so, so don’t let go…”

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