“Walk Backwards” by Maude Latour

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Maude Latour comes to us with a refreshing and charming confession in “Walk Backwards”. With this refreshing exploration of love, friendship, and relationships in general she embraces the magic that can be found in all of them with an honest and free spirit. The melodies and lyrics well so perfectly together painting a picture that is so unique and so personal but instantly intoxicating and hypnotizing. The soundscape understands that the way our hearts beat for those we care for is unique to all of us and that there should not be any obstacles to simply be happy with them. Love and romance can at times intertwine and feel strange but it should be welcomed because your soulmate is not always found within who you date or marry but sometimes with who understands you the most and you might call those people best friends. So dive into the realm that dwells within this must listen gem and embrace the sweet joy found in it. Enjoy!

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“This song specifically tackles the blurry line between love and romance that has always entered my relationships with my best friends. We place such a strict structure on our relationships, trying to put them into boxes. Love is fluid, liberated, it comes in friendship, strangers we smile at, romance, family, and little conversations throughout our days. Unpacking the rigidity of these structures leads to freedom in all types of love, allowing us to recognize it everywhere. ‘Walk Backwards’ is about the depths of my best friendship. It’s the closest relationship I’ve ever had, it’s made everyone I’ve ever dated jealous and confused about its meaning. This girl is my ride or die, I’d marry her, and she’s connected to me in the deepest way any person can be.”

Maude Latour

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