“Friendly” by Lauryn Macfarlane

Up and coming Canadian indie pop singer/songwriter Lauryn Macfarlane gives life to the instantly hypnotizing sonic gem that is “Friendly”. With this exquisite soundscape she gives life to a sensual and passionate realm that invites your senses to escape from reality and explore the sweet magic of this world she has created from scratch. The track is perfection from beginning to end and something about the way the melodies and lyrics come together make for one hell of a ride that you can’t seem to want to get off from. The track is mesmerizing and intoxicating serving you with fine dose of escapism that tells your heart and your body that there’s something waiting within it. So listen carefully and dive into the sweet joy found within this must listen gem for it is sure to become an instant fan favorite. Enjoy!

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“Oh boy, when you touch me like that when you do it like that,

Speak low when you’re talking like that, know I like it like that

When you lay it on me You set me free,

So come back bring it right back home Bring it back to me

Cause you know that I like it like that when you’re with me

Were getting friendly…”

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