“Darkest Hour” by N.O.A.H ft. Booka Brass

Irish indie rock band N.O.A.H joins forces with Booka Brass to give life to the electrifying and insightful sonic gem that is “Darkest Hour”. With this refreshing showcase of melodies and lyrics the guys give life to an honest and down to earth tale that is sure to pull you in and show you how alike we all truly are underneath the surface. The track embraces the harsh truth that our minds need taking care of and from time to time our hopes and dreams starting looking a bit to blurry to smile and that’s a sign that maybe we need a pause. The track brings the message to the front end making sure to connect the dots and the story is clear as you start to learn that the verses are not fantasy at all and that maybe we need to step away from our own ego and accept that maybe we need help. The track is personally absolutely amazing and relatable from beginning to end making it an instant must listen gem. Enjoy!

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Once you emerge from this mind spinning rock tune, its meaning is left starring you in the face. Broadly speaking it is about mental health, and how a sane mind quickly begins to deteriorate, we experience a person’s descent into their “darkest hour”


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