“What Pulls You” by ORIAN

Berlin based Irish indie singer/songwriter ORIAN comes to us with a powerful and hypnotizing blend of sounds and visuals in “What Pulls You”. With this refreshingly exquisite and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics he gives life to a realm that is so human and so utterly raw and inviting. It’s a refreshing and welcomed soundscape that explores the bittersweet reality of most people in which we keep things bottled up and fight quietly with our own demons. The track speaks directly to our hearts and souls and gives us life and reminds us that we don’t need to struggle alone and that our voice is important and that you matter more than you think. So listen carefully because there’s a lesson that is sure to inspire and push you to realize how freeing it can be to simply say you need help and that you can’t fight this on your own. So push forward and grab a hand or two because this battle is not yours only, there’s someone there willing to go at it side to side with you. Enjoy!

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“In school there was no allowance for feeling down, or any avenue to pursue to talk to anyone about it. It was very much a grin and bear it, with a smile on your face kind of attitude, which is incredibly dangerous and wrong. I wanted to address this for the first time in my music as these experiences have left a lingering impact on me. This song is a testament to that; allowing people in and not suffering in silence.”


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