“I will take over” by Lycio

UK based indie band Lycio comes to us with a blend of electronica and rock that perfectly pulls you into the realm of “I will take over”. With this raw and rebellious union of melodies and lyrics the band give life to a story that is so enticing and honestly, quit relatable. The entire is powerful and keeps you hooked from beginning to end as it comes together and little by little your reflection becomes clearer as the minutes go by. The track has a unique and refreshing feel about it that makes it not only passionate but vivid as it grabs a hold of your senses and feeds your imagination with the most delicious sonic ambrosia. So let this out of this world soundscape pull you in to explore the exquisite and in your face feel that makes it so intoxicating and mesmerizing. Enjoy!

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“So as you may have guessed from the hostility within the title, this song is mostly about me (and the rest of Lycio) coming up. An anthem to let the music industry, to let the world know that we are done taking its shit. When we came into the game, we were once wide eyed and naïve. Eager to please and maybe even brown nose a little. But then you grow and realise that the world is run by terrible people and it’s perfectly acceptable to look out for no.1 sometimes. And I think that’s what we’re going to be doing from now on. We’re definitely over being pushed around or overlooked. Someday, we’ll take over.”

Mendez of Lycio

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