“The Riddle” by Silly Boy Blue

French indie-pop singer/songwriter/musical goddess Silly Boy Blue comes to us with a haunting and honest sonic creation in her latest single, “The Riddle”. With this refreshingly raw and inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics, she paints a picture that is sure to feel as much ours as it is hers. The track explores the very human reality of searching and trying to find something sometimes forgetting that thankfully there is a place to feel safe and at ease. The track reminds us of the connection we have to the world and how lucky we are to have a place to feel safe from the unknown that at times can be found. Visually there’s something about the video that embraces the magic and raw nature of the verses making the experience feel complete and our senses fully invested. So listen, see and explore this world she has crafted with utmost care and passion. Enjoy!

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“The Riddle talks about someone I never could decode. I wrote this song to remember to always keep focusing on hope, that there is always a place where we feel like we belong.  Hence the chorus’ mantra “Somewhere, you could be fine somewhere, you have to find somewhere, he’s not the one”. To finally find your own bedroom, where you feel safe”

Silly Boy Blue

“In the music video we aimed to translate this absolutely crazy feeling about obsession, that no one besides you can stop, and when you realize it’s time to let go. It takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, and it was the most intense two shooting nights of my life – continuously getting down the escalators for several hours- it most likely got close to the frenzy state I felt while writing the song.”

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