“Until we leave the ground” by Emmit Fenn

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Emmit Fenn comes to us with the mesmerizing and beautiful sonic experience that is “Until we leave the ground”. With this contemporary and romantic showcase of feelings and emotions he gives us a tale that is now gone but at the time of writing was so present and so magical. The way he showcases the story and how it unfolds quite beautifully blending melodies and lyrics into a one of a kind soundscape that is sure to speak to your heart and soul is not only endearing but also so joyful and refreshing. The track is an instant fan favorite and earns the label of must listen from the very first second after you press play. So explore this realm he has crafted with such and such warmth and let it caress your soul and tell you a story that is sure to put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

“It’s always strange writing a song for someone you’re in a relationship with and then when the song finally comes out, you’re not with them anymore. ‘Until We Leave The Ground’ is one of those songs. It’s such a stamp in time for me that every time I listen to it now, it brings me right back to that moment and I can’t help but smile.”

Emmit Fenn

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