“Corde Sensible” by Freedom Fry

Once more, one of my favorite duos in the world comes to us and gives us perfection, say hello to Freedom Fry and their latest single, “Corde Sensible”. With this exquisitely crafted blend of melodies and lyrics they break down the barriers of language and serve us an enticing and inviting sonic experience. The track flows with ease and invites you to sing and to discover the story that lies within this verses in French. I could share some of my research as I translated the lyrics but personally I would like to invite you do this and see it as an adventure to a realm that is sure to feel more relatable that you current think. So listen carefully and let this must listen gem mesmerizing you with its sweet dose of musical ambrosia. Enjoy!

“Citro acide

Glucide en steroide

Tu piques, tu brules

Et moi je capitule…”

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