“Mesa Verde” by Santans

German indie singer/songwriter Santans comes to us with an introspective and mesmerizing musical experience in “Mesa Verde”. With this enticing and refreshingly unique blend of melodies and lyrics he opens up his heart and soul and let’s us take a peek inside as we see his inner dance with his demon. The track serves as a reminder that we all struggle and we all fight with something inside but sometimes we look the other way and act blind for too long. He invites us to go at our struggles head on and realize that we are strong enough to come out of it with something positive. So listen, see and connect with this exquisite and uniquely magical must listen/must see. Enjoy!

“When the first lockdown started in Germany, I had my own personal lockdown experience. I was inside a hospital for 1 month waiting for a free bed in the ICU for the brain tumor operation. During that time I was the first time by myself and had to confront myself. Due to work and so many projects at the same time, I was running away from my struggles before. This song is about exactly that. Feeling disconnected from oneself. I tried to make a groovy upbeat song to visualize the dance with your inner demon. Your oldest enemy.”


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