“Million Miles” by Unknown Neighbour

From Germany comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Unknown Neighbour with his haunting and captivating sonic gem that is “Million Miles”. With this refreshing and honest soundscape he paints a picture so human and so real that you are bound to feel a connection in an instant. The track blends melodies and lyrics ensuring the story flows with ease and grabs a hold of your heart and soul giving your imagination an invitation to escape into this world. He tells a tale of a relationship that remained in the memories of what it was once was and now after time and distance have distance seems unable to come back. When someone moves away and then comes back years later, we all want to go back to what once was but sadly this is not always the case but at least the memories of smiles and moments share will always be there. The distance can sometimes remain even when you are so close that you can touch each other but you known that truly you are so far away that you don’t even known who that person is anymore. Enjoy!

“I wrote the song in 2016, but it matured over the years to the version we have today. It tells of the alienation of two lovers and could not be more topical in its message. The Corona crisis has shown many of us how painful distance can be. Music helps me and it explains things that cannot be put into words. I hope that the song can do the same for its listeners.”

Unknown Neighbour

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