“Losing Days” by Sun Tailor

From Israel comes the uber-talented Arnon Naor Aka Sun Tailor with his mesmerizing and honest sonic escape, “Losing Days”. With this exquisite and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, he explores the reality of being in a relationship while having to deal with long-distance as an added ingredient. He showcases the harsh but very real fact that screen time cannot ever take place for that special human interaction that is needed for the heart to be reassured that love is present. Days are lost and experiences are not shared anymore making the distance feel like a dagger slowly going in making the blood spill but you are so blinded that you don’t see the puddle underneath your feet until it’s too late and all those moments are now gone. Love can understand and be strong but sometimes we end up pulling and pulling too much on it and it can either get stronger or simply break. A screen while nice serves only as a placebo for the mind that numbs as much as it can, but it will never hold the recipe to fill your heart with warmth and that sweet unknown magic only found when two connect. So dive into this visual and sonic realm and let the verses feed your senses and give your imagination a tale to be haunted by. Enjoy!

“This song is about losing touch through screens. I was trying to hang on to long distance love, thinking about all the days we’ve lost.”

Arnon Naor AKA Sun Tailor

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