“Strawberries” by Rivals

Indie rock band Rivals (RVLS) comes to Wolf in a Suit with the honest and electric sonic gem that is “Strawberries”. With this powerful and utterly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, the band gives life to a tale of addiction and healing inspired by the lead singer’s own experiences and battles with alcohol and drugs. The visuals play with the reality that dwells within the verses in a way that makes the experience whole and refreshing. There’s something about the soundscape that makes for something that is not only raw and very human but also quite inviting and relatable as she opens up her heart and soul for all to see and nobody judges but we all learn and inspired by her, do the same. We all have demons dwelling within us, but finding the courage to fight them takes something superhuman and out of this world, and for this we can’t help but be mesmerized by her sheer bravery and fire. The enticing taste of freedom offered by her experience inspires us to find the will to push forward and push against all that holds us down. So listen, see, and be pulled into this one of a kind must listen/must-see reality. Enjoy!

Micket wrote [‘Strawberries’] to a Latin-styled beat which gave it this extremely uplifting feeling while also still feeling like RIVALS. In the studio it was a very different vibe for us, we all sat around just so confused about how amazing the song was sounding even though it was so different than our normal style, but we just rolled with it and we’re so glad we did. To our favorite lyric in that song ‘Happy is temporary but I can’t look back,’ keep moving forward and don’t look back!

Kalie Wolfe

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