“He Didn’t Want Me” by Kisos

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Kisos comes to us with a personal and hypnotizing musical creation, say hello to “He didn’t want me”. With this exquisite and refreshing soundscape, he invites us into a realm crafted with passion and care as it gives him the chance to grief, accept himself, and find peace. There’s something about this track that blends the melodies and lyrics perfectly allowing it to come alive and caress our hearts and souls as it brings down our walls to invite us to find peace within our skin. The soundscape is without a shadow a doubt an experience that I would gladly recommend anyone for it is sure to be relatable and utterly captivating and powerful. So listen, see and explore this world that he has created for himself while extending an invitation to us to feel it as ours. Enjoy!

“‘He Didn’t Want Me’ is about the acceptance stage of grief, and because it’s lyrically so depressing, I wanted to balance that with an uplifting, ethereal ritual of rebirth. It was important for me to also honor the symbolic hands of friends and family who cared for me at my lowest points. People who helped me shed my self-hatred, allow love and beauty back in, and re-internalize that I am worthy.”


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