“Pessimist” by Greta Isaac

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Greta Isaac with the honest and captivating sonic escape from reality that is “Pessimist”. With this soundscape she gives life to a track that embraces the unique reality life as we go from being ecstatic to feeling down in seconds and dance around the various feelings and emotions on an almost daily basis. The track as explained by Greta herself serves as a mesmerizing and welcomed “perspective song, an ode to myself” that while personal manages to be universal and instantly grab a hold of us and make us feel a connection. There’s something about the soundscape that is so lush and visual that your senses and imagination will instantly embrace the verses and let the story unfold right in front of you. Listen to this one of a kind must listen and escape into her world for there’s something special waiting in it. Enjoy!

I wrote this song at home in London with Martin Luke Brown and Matt Zara. We’re all very close friends so it was a really relaxed day of playing each other some music, and messing around with ideas. I had to run to my bar job in the evening so I quickly recorded the guitar part and we came up with ‘Pessimist’ as the title. I remember leaving the house feeling so creatively fulfilled and excited, and I knew this was what I wanted my EP to sound like. Anthemic, fun and textured. Euphoric with sad undertones while I try and unpack my very millennial confusion about myself and the world around me.”

Greta Isaac

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