“Broke” by Mia Vaile

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Mia Vaile comes to Wolf in a Suit with the inspiring and captivating sonic gem that is “Broke”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics she paints a picture that is quite endearing and charming caressing our hearts and souls with sweet grace and a warm touch. The soundscape comes alive and serves up memorable and magical verses that remind us that love is so powerful and beautiful that it can bring a little color and light to the darkest of our days. She understands that life is about ups and downs that come to us with the good and the bad but in those moments where we can’t see anything at all, we can smile and know that we are not alone and there’s someone to embrace and make us feel at ease. So listen, connect and let your senses and imagination become one with this amazing must listen gem. Enjoy!

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