“Stay The Same” by Amber Jay

Up and coming UK based indie singer/songwriter Amber Jay comes to us with the bittersweet yet playful sonic gem that is “Stay The Same”. With this refreshingly youthful and captivating tale, she explores the harsh reality that at times appears in relationships, when one side is falling out of love and the other is trying too hard to keep things the same. Sadly, there’s no controlling this, the heart decides and heartbreak comes after for now the feeling is not shared and there’s no moving forward together any other way. So listen, connect and find a reflection of a past or maybe even current experience waiting for you within this fantastic soundscape. Enjoy!

“‘Stay The Same’ is a classic heartbreak track. It encapsulates that pining feeling for someone when a relationship has ended and whatever you try to do to fix it just makes the other person more and more distant. Kind of like when you’re swimming and there’s like a lilo in the water and every time you try and wade towards it to get on, the water’s ripples from your movement pushes it further and further away. This track was super fun to make and the first track we recorded. I was so happy with how it sounded that it made me want to make an EP. So, without this track there would be no EP!

Amber Jay

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