“Something You Should Know” by Dear Sara

From Sweden comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Dear Sara with her mesmerizing and captivating sonic gem, “Something You Should Know”. With this surreal and utterly refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to one of the most amazing tracks I’ve heard in a while. The track is so special that I still can’t comprehend why, but it brought tears to my eyes that appeared so naturally and out of nowhere that I was taken by surprise. There’s something about this soundscape that personally while melancholic also brought a sense of peace and calm to my heart and soul as she showcases her love and honest feelings towards her hometown and towards herself. So listen, embrace the magic of her verses and enjoy the sweet escapism offered by this fantastic must listen gem. Enjoy the latest from Dear Sara!

“I could not stop thinking about that strange song I wrote together with Elias – a melancholic, complicated declaration of love for my hometown. A tribute to the culture I grew up with. To say that it also counts. We count. We exist. At the same time, I want to tell you about the alienation. About being different in the tiny community. About a constant search for more and a desire to fit in somewhere. It was time for me to own my story.”

Dear Sara

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