“I don’t wanna go home” by Karhys

Uber-talented up and coming indie singer/songwriter Karhys comes to Wolf in a Suit with a captivating and honest single, say hello to “I don’t wanna go home”. With this track, she explores the unknown reality of love in a way that is quite down-to-earth and easy to relate to from the very first second. The song speaks of starting to feel something so strongly for someone making you want to spend your time with that person more often yet fearing the possibility that maybe this feeling is not shared. It’s the dance of the mysterious moment prior to moving forward to create a relationship or walk away if that’s the only option. So listen, connect and let this fantastic soundscape feed your senses and imagination with a tale that is sure to hook you in. Enjoy!

“This song is about being aware of having strong feelings for someone, and knowing that this person makes you feel so good that all you really want is to spend your time with them. But you don’t know whether they feel the same and you start doubting your worth for several reasons, trying to understand if this interest might be mutual.”


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