“Stuck in a moment” by Sean Christopher

From the Netherlands comes another amazing talent, this time around say hi to Sean Christopher and his sonic gem, “Stuck in a moment”. With this refreshing and soothing soundscape, he invites us to understand and realize that we all have our own ups and downs and no one has a perfect life, instead of pointing the finger we should focus on finding solutions. The track works perfectly with the current situation that the whole world is sharing, the melodies and lyrics do a great job at bringing peace and relating to all who listen almost instantly. The song knows how to find the way to connect the dots and bring a sense of unity in the listeners as we can all see that we are together in this moment and together we’ll get out of it. So listen, relax and know that you are not alone. Enjoy!

“‘Stuck in a moment’ came to mind in 2020, the pandemic changed the world. It affected all of us, some more than others. I wanted to write something that eases, calms and gives positivity to the ones feeling down, stuck and unhappy”

Sean Christopher

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