“Prom” by Augustine

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Augustine comes to us once more with the mesmerizing and inviting musical creation that is “Prom”. With this refreshing and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics he gives life to a reality that is so human and so true. The track paints a picture that is sure to hit a nerve and find the right place to connect with the listener as it speaks of the excitement and melancholic nature of the unknown touch that caresses our souls each day. We never know what tomorrow awaits or how our choices will grow and how our life will be affected by the decisions we make today. Change is part of life and our existence in this world, and the way he is able to showcased this by giving our senses and imagination a flurry of verses that speak of prom coming soon but also hiding between the lines that this track is also about life itself is without a shadow of a doubt the work of someone blessed by the muses. So listen carefully and give yourself a chance to find your reflection within this must listen gem. Enjoy!

“The night before prom came to embody this very tense and juvenile feeling of a life-changing moment. You know the feeling that everything will be different tomorrow? There is so much melancholia attached to it, but also excitement. It’s beautiful in a way. You never know how things will turn out, or what choices will make sense in the end.”


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