“Let my guard down” by Wilder Gray

Swedish indie pop duo Wilder Gray come to the lands of the Wolf in a Suit with the most amazing offering in the shape and form of “Let my guard down”. The track is exquisitely crafted and caresses the heart and soul in a way that mesmerizing from the start and keeps you hooked till the end. The melodies and lyrics come together and explore the reality that we all know, we hold demons within and they tend to whisper constantly bringing fear and insecurity to the front view. They understand that at times the walls are too high an too strong to simply fall but they invite us to try hard and find the comfort in realizing that nobody is perfect and inside all of us reside the good and the bad. The soundscape is amazing and truly manages to soothe us and charm in a way that gives us the necessary comfort to find peace within our own skin and to show these demons to those we care for the most. This does not mean to hurt and bring pain, but instead to open up and show that there are cracks within our soul, just like everyone else. Enjoy!

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