“Dead Boys” by FLORE

Indie singer/songwriter FLØRE comes to us with her exquisite and haunting brand of pop with her latest single, “Dead Boys”. With this track she explores the possibility of what she would be like in a alternative universe where every moment her heart was broken meant a dead body popping up. She gives us a dark and utterly mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics that is so vivid and so lush feeding our senses with a much needed dose of escapism. She does not aim to glamourize the idea of death but instead take feelings and emotions to an extreme that is so raw and strangely pure and relatable. The soundscape is perfectly set to grab a hold of you and give your imagination a much welcomed invitation to explore a new realm where the heart takes revenge from those that played with it. “Dead Boys” is a fantastic addition to her ever-growing body of work and becomes an instant fan favorite. Enjoy!

“I thought, maybe in another universe I’d be a killer. And DEAD BOYS is about that split character I feel living inside of me. Some things will never completely heal and thinking about the ones who betrayed and left me, still makes me mad. When I break things off, it’s forever and I was inspired by taking the saying ‘You’re dead to me’ literally.”


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