“Lonely are the brave” by TIERNY

From the United Kingdom comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter TIERNY with the haunting and utterly magical and inspiring musical creation that is “Lonely are the brave”. With this sweet and beautiful blend of melodies and lyrics she paints a picture that is so human, so true and so refreshingly inspiring. The soundscape is made up of the most amazing ingredients giving it something unique within the music realm as it captivates our senses and feeds our imagination with a much needed escape from reality. She reminds us that we are not alone and that brings comfort and warmth to all who listen because frankly with the current state of the world, this message rings stronger than ever. So listen, see and fall into the arms of this amazing must listen gem. Enjoy!

“Conceptually It’s Dante’s Inferno, meets Dorian Grey, meets Alice in Wonderland, paralleled with my own experiences. I want people to listen and find comfort in knowing they aren’t alone, we’re all fighting our own existential battles, we all fear, we all experience love and loss, but we can accept our flaws, confront our demons, find strength in our sorrow, and heal with hope.”


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