“Daddy” by Charlotte Cardin

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Charlotte Cardin comes to Wolf in a Suit with the playful and hypnotizing musical gem that is “Daddy”. With this exquisite and lush blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to an enticing and sensual sonic realm bound to pull you in immediately and make you feel like part of it. The track is so vivid and captivating and perfectly manages to unite sounds and visuals in a way that gives your senses a much-welcomed escape from the reality you currently live in. So dive into this soundscape and let it grab a hold of you as it pulls you with magic and fire into a place of must listen/must-see beauty. Enjoy!

“’Daddy’ is a song about kissing your crush right by the open bar. Your crush’s other crush, standing by the shrimp buffet, sees it all. Your crush can’t choose between their two crushes, so you jump right in and choose for them. ‘Daddy’ is a song about knowingly making a bad decision and loving it.”

Charlotte Cardin

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