“Where the silence goes” by LEAP

Indie Rock is alive and well and proof of this is the electric and raw sonic gem, “Where the silence goes” by UK-based band LEAP. This track is hands down one of the best not only of the year but I am pretty sure of the new decade in which we are in. The way the melodies and lyrics come together and give you life and energy is immediately captivating and so damn refreshing that you can’t help but want more and more of it. The sounds and visuals become one making sure our senses feel it all as it comes alive and pulls you into unknown lands where you can simply say goodbye to all that holds you back. Dive into this world and embrace the sweet escape offered by the passionate and rebellious nature of this soundscape. Listen, see and enjoy the fact that you are seeing greatness come together and fill you up with the most delicious musical ambrosia.

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