“Paralyzed” by Jet Black Alley Cat

Indie band Jet Black Alley Cat gives life to a charming incredibly well-crafted musical gem in their latest, “Paralyzed”. With this exquisite and playful blend of melodies and lyrics, the band explores the depth of attraction in a way that will instantly grab a hold of your senses and imagination. The track paints a picture that so real, so real and so easy to connect with as it comes together and invites us to explore the magic that makes it up. The soundscape blends pop and rock touch in a way that is absolutely amazing and embraces the listener instantly truly allowing us to smile and feel the verses as ours. So listen and enjoy the ride that awaits within this must listen gem.

This is a song of pure addiction & attraction to someone else. That even in the most gorgeous of surroundings there’s only one thing that matters & that’s you”

Jet Black Alley Cat

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