“Paradise” by Emma McGrath

UK based indie singer/songwriter Emma McGrath opens up heart and soul and allows us to see how vulnerable she can be with “Paradise”. With this mesmerizing and honest musical creation, she blends melodies and lyrics in a way that is so vivid and so raw. The track comes alive instantly and embraces the fear and pain that at times can be part of that search for someone to love with all your being. She understands that demons lie around making you feel scared as they whisper constantly in your ear that you are not meant to have this beautiful experience. She knows this dwells inside her and seeks to find a way to be able to move forward and find love for deep within her heart and soul she knows she was always meant to have it. I can personally relate to this soundscape as it felt so personal and mine as she managed to deliver the verses in an honest and relatable fashion. I am thankful for the way she expressed these moments of doubt and fear for she did not judge or put herself down but truly allowed her voice to be as sincere as possible. Enjoy!

I think I developed this mindset where music always got in the way of my friendships. I’d always miss birthday parties or other random stuff and over time I’d slowly lose touch with people. So I guess this song is about finding someone you love, but being scared of it not working and always assuming you know how it will end. Maybe it’s a kind of protection.”

Emma McGrath

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