“I Never” by The New Twentys

From the UK comes the indie pop that your senses craved courtesy of the uber-talented up and coming band The New Twentys, say hello to “I Never”. With this refreshing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics the guys give life to a story that is sure to hit a nerve as it speaks of relationships and how sadly sometimes there’s no way of catching a break and making things work. The verses serve the necessary push to open up our eyes and understand that as much as we want it, some things are just not meant to be. The soundscape invites you to break away from this and escape towards greener plains in which you can find yourself and your worth once more. There’s something about this track that is without a doubt magical and human making for a must listen gem sure to be a fan favorite. Enjoy!

When you try your absolute hardest to make things work in a relationship where the goalposts are constantly being moved and no matter what you do, it is still not enough.  You break away from the prolonged agony and eventually realise that there’s a horizon through the disaster of heartache, where you can come out more independent and stronger than before.

The New Twentys

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