“Sad Magic” by Gregory Dillon

Indie singer/songwriter Gregory Dillon comes to us with mesmerizing and haunting melodies and lyrics with his latest musical creation, “Sad Magic”. With this unique and surreal escape from reality, he invites us into an unknown world that serves our senses and imagination exactly what we needed. The track is instantly catchy and captivating as it pulls you gently into its warm grasp letting you know that it’s ok to let go of the rules and simply dive into its unknown magic. The soundscape is a must for any music lover for it allows you to connect in a way that is so mesmerizing and very much welcomed. Not only is this a sonic gem but visually it’s perfectly complemented enhancing what is already a fantastic experience. So listen, see, and enjoy the adventure that awaits within this track.

“When approaching this video I wanted to hold a mirror up to my past; I grew up near this small amusement park in the suburbs and remember one night going through the house of mirrors with my friends; as we each took turns going through alone, I stepped inside the glass maze and was completely transported. After a few minutes of being lost, I found myself standing in a large room, with a million self-reflections looking directly at me- As an insecure teen, I often found it uncomfortable to look in the mirror, yet here I was displayed all around me. I don’t know why but something in that vulnerable moment made me feel very protected. If anything this video is trying to show that universal maze we all find ourselves walking through.”

Gregory Dillon

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