“With You” by Harrison Storm

Australian indie singer/songwriter Harrison Storm comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the magical and absolutely beautiful sonic gem that is “With You”. With this enticing and soothing blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a track bound to speak to your heart and it fills you with romantic vibes. The track is charming from the start and caresses your senses while feeding your heart with a much-needed dose of love and storytelling sure to get your imagination hooked. The soundscape flows with ease as it comes together and showcases a different side of the human existence that is sure to make us smile and be at peace. So dive into this realm and escape from the current reality we live for something as beautiful as the found between the verses of this amazing track. Enjoy!

“This is a simple love song, an unusual release for me, but it holds a very special place in my journey. It is the most recent song to be written on the EP and signals a big life change for me. Sonically it’s spacious and dreamy, which is a direct relation to the feeling I had when I wrote it.” 

Harrison Storm

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